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CAS Weblinks

   Below are links to other websites which may be of interest

Stellarium This is a free downloadable planetarium programme which is used by some of our members


Google Sky Highly detailed star maps/photos, but not as practical as Stellarium


Scope Reviews Advice for new astronomers


Astronomy Pictures Well worth a look


BBC Sky at Night Link to the programme's web page


Stargazers Lounge A very useful resource if you want some technical advice


Cloudy Nights  Reviews on the latest equipment 


Astrosurf  For the technical minded of you!


Stark Labs Imaging software


Astronomie Imaging software


Deepskytracker Imaging software


Burri-Web Webcam control software


Astrocapture Webcam control software


Stardroid Sky map planetarium app for phones and tablets


SkEye  SkEye is an advanced Planetarium that can also be used as a PUSHTO guide for telescopes


 Solar Ham  This website is an excellent source of information relating to     Sunspot activity and CME's.


 Global Disaster Watch This website is a blog round up of the World's unusual weather, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and a whole load of other interesting stuff.


  Lands End Weather This website has a webcam at the Coast Watch station at Gwennap Head in Cornwall and has links to current weather conditions for that location including temperature wind speed etc. It also has links to other Meteorological sites.  


 Roseland Observatory A local observatory on a dark sky site offering education facilities in night sky, solar, radio & astrophotography.


 Federation Of Astronomical Societies  This is a society of which CAS is a participating member.


 Heavens Above This website has an abundance of Space related information.


 British Astronomical Association 


 Best Stargazing spots in Cornwall 


FREE Hubble e-books from NASA 

Go Stargazing   find srargazing events and activities in your area.

N.A.A telescope math calculator  use this tool to get the best from your telescope

Learn about the amazing new telescope being built now, the ELT by the ESO.

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