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Current Astronomy and Space news, events, e-books and more

IIf you would like a FREE E-Book from NASA of the Cassini mission to Saturn, go here and download it

( well worth it! )

NASA New Horizons Ultima Thule press pack pdf. 

For free NASA apps or E-books for your device: 



FREE Hubble e-books from NASA 

 To catch up with the latest news on the Mars InSight mission click here.



To catch up on the very latest from the Curiosity Mars Rover click here.



 To catch up on the Parker Solar Probe click here.



 To catch up on the BepiColombo Mercury probe click here.



To catch up on the OSIRIS-REx mission to asteroid Bennu click here.



To catch up on Japan`s Hayabusa 2 mission to asteroid Ryugu click here. 

Hayabusa 2 


 To catch up on the New Horizons Probe after Pluto deep in the kuiper belt click here.

New Horizons 


 To catch up on the Juno mission to Jupiter click here.



 To catch up (or in this case recap) on the Cassini mission to Saturn click here.


To find the official Rosetta homepage and keep up with the latest findings (data still being processed and discoveries made)  Click here


Click the link below for the latest Where is Webb info to find out how the James Webb Space telescope is doing now.

See the latest news and images from the Perseverance rover on Mars and the Ingenuity Mars helicopter. Click below.
Perseverance Rover and Ingenuity helicopter

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope mission: Live updates and links to videos.
Click below
JWST video updates

The JWST will be very busy, to see full details of all the proposed observations and programs (including calibration) see link below.
JWST full observation program details

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