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CAS videos, help pages and activities

Here you will find a series of home made videos by CAS to help you with your telescopes.

You will also find stargazing challenges and many other activities for all ages.

 NEW CAS videos!!

CAS have made an instructional video for setting circles.

Click on this link:

Setting Circles instructional video

Additional reference material for the above video:

EQ setting circles guide pdf. 

Setting Circles guide stars list pdf.


 We now also have a short instructional video

on using the club`s PST solar telescope, click on the link below:

Using the CAS PST telescope safely. 

From our own astro-imaging guru Fred Deakin

How to process stacked images of M3 globular star cluster. 

Our chairman has compiled a video of some of our images from 2018 

CAS Astroimages 2018 

 Fred`s Twenty quick tips for telescopes pdf.

For beginners & experts alike have a go at Fred`s 2017 Astronomy Viewing Challenge 

(still valid today except for the comet)

Have a bit of fun with this video made by Kevin Reid ;o) 

Thinking of buying a telescope?

Weekly British Astronomical Association Webinars 

Space based activities for all from the James Webb Space Telescope team 

Keep the Children entertained and educated at the NASA Kids Club 

Lockdown Astrophography for everyone from Alyn Wallace Photography

Huge seletion of lockdown activities here by the SETI institute 

Would you like to take part in citizen science?, perhaps help find planet 9?,  find new supernovae, black holes or comets?

Click here for these projects & many more. 

New project to add HOY-CAPS

(Hunting Outbursting Young Stars with the Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science ) 

Did you know that you can access Hubble data and process it yourself?

Click here for a tutorial from our Fred Deakin

Would you like to practice image stacking and processing?

Try this video from our Fred on processing LRGB images

Latest FAS newsletter (we feature quite prominently)

Keep up to date with Fred Deakins YouTube channel and instructional videos.

Are you taking part in a Messier-Marathon this March? click for details

See Fred Deakin's talk for the Virtual Café Sci - Automated Astrophotography: An Introduction

Keep up with the Cornwall Science Community here.

New to astrophography and don't know what to point at? Click here for a free monthly guide

Try your hand at our 2023 Quiz night by Fred Deakin

Installing and Setting Up SGPro and Utilities on a new Computer for Astrophotography

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