Club Member's 2nd hand equipment.


Not club members, but items of interest:

 FOR SALE Skywatcher 250p Collapsible Auto tracking (Syntrek) Dobsonian telescope c/w extras. All details below.


 Also Teleview 28mm panoptic eyepiece

£302.00 new price
The Tack-Sharp, Long Eye-Relief 68 degree Field Eyepiece, Tele Vue has taken the Wide-Field concept to Nagler-like performance levels - 
A meaningful advance over any eyepiece in its 68 degree field class.


Also Teleview 8mm Ethos eyepiece 1.25" & 2"

£561.00 new price

The Televue 8mm Ethos features an incredible 100 degree apparent field of view for an incredible combination of high magnification and a wide field of view!


Also a full case for the eyepieces & full of goodies :


HoTech SCA laser collimator £97.00 new price
set of 4 colour filters and a neutral filter for looking at full moon, red light torch, nebula filter,aluminium case for eyepieces and accessories

Additional Laser viewfinder for easy star locating


 The only thing you will need is a power supply for the autotracking - (mine died) something like this

£500 for the whole lot. and 01326 340130






 FOR SALE: GSO 250c/ Revelation 12 Dobsonian telescope complete with many, as new, extras. Scroll down for all the goodies & price.

These include :
A Telrad finderscope

 A selection of lenses/etc
2x super 10mm
1x 32mm
1x barlow lens
1x super 20mm wide angle
1x super 25mm wide angle 
1x 32mm wide field (2")
1x moon filter 

Also comes with a selection of books & guides:

 Everthing you could wish for.
Asking £500ono for the whole collection.
Call Abi on 07802482023 St. Austell area.

 Celestron Astromaster 130 EQ MD
Listed as unused, with EQ drive motor, 130mm Reflector, Falmouth area
 Johnny Harrison 07491026437

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